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Priya Singh

What factors may affect the Ocean Freight Rates?

Nine out of ten of the world's freight are carried by maritime freight. It is therefore an essential element for the import and export activity of any container shipping company. This activity is characterized by a range of freight rates... Continue Reading →

Should You Rent or Buy Shipping Containers?

Shipping containers allow for greater efficiency in the supply chain and represent a key element for international trade. Freight forwarding is a challenging industry and there are several factors to take into account. One of the most important is the... Continue Reading →

Fleet manager: what is it and what are their functions?

Efficient vehicle fleet management is crucial for the long-term success of many companies, especially those that rely on their commercial vehicles to make deliveries, ship materials and carry out their daily tasks. Proper fleet management can improve safety, increase efficiency... Continue Reading →

Everything you need to know about shipping container seals

The journey of a shipping container from the moment it is loaded by the carriers at the port of origin until it arrives at its destination is a long one. Therefore, it requires the cooperation of the various professionals responsible... Continue Reading →

Difference between logistics and freight forwarding

Difference between logistics and freight forwarding

Container prefixes and their importance in the shipping industry?

The maritime industry highly influences our modern economy. We often overlook the importance of shipping containers and the ships that carry them. They sail through the ocean across the globe to deliver goods and materials necessary for various industries.  Almost... Continue Reading →

Types of containers used in international shipping

International trade has become very easy and convenient with the advent of shipping containers. Introduced by Malom Mclean in 1952, these containers have revolutionized world trade. Currently, they are responsible for almost 90% of intercontinental trade. Today, these containers are... Continue Reading →

Future of supply chain management

Did you know that the world is moving towards more innovative ways to keep succeeding in their business? Supply chain management is one such industry with a bright future if practical steps are taken at the right time. Taking these... Continue Reading →

Role of Container Freight Stations in Supply Chain

Space constraints are the major problems faced by shipping companies as container depots have limited space at in-house facilities. When companies need to store containers properly, it can be challenging to pass customs and may require additional documentation. Additionally, because... Continue Reading →

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