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What types of shipping insurance exist and what to look out for?

Anyone involved in the freight business knows that at any point on a voyage, unexpected situations can occur and become very challenging. That is why many freight forwarders stress the need for safe packing and loading of goods, knowing that... Continue Reading →

Factors to consider when choosing a port for your shipment

Choosing one port or another for your shipments can have a significant impact on your supply chain. It is therefore essential that you analyze the different options before opting for a port. It requires constant study, as there are numerous... Continue Reading →

Incoterms: 6 mistakes you should avoid

Incoterms, or International Commercial Terms, are a set of standards, established by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) to standardize international trade practices. These rules define the obligations and responsibilities of buyers and sellers in international trade transactions, including the... Continue Reading →

What factors may affect the Ocean Freight Rates?

Nine out of ten of the world's freight are carried by maritime freight. It is therefore an essential element for the import and export activity of any container shipping company. This activity is characterized by a range of freight rates... Continue Reading →

Fleet manager: what is it and what are their functions?

Efficient vehicle fleet management is crucial for the long-term success of many companies, especially those that rely on their commercial vehicles to make deliveries, ship materials and carry out their daily tasks. Proper fleet management can improve safety, increase efficiency... Continue Reading →

Everything you need to know about shipping container seals

The journey of a shipping container from the moment it is loaded by the carriers at the port of origin until it arrives at its destination is a long one. Therefore, it requires the cooperation of the various professionals responsible... Continue Reading →

Difference between logistics and freight forwarding

Difference between logistics and freight forwarding

Container prefixes and their importance in the shipping industry?

The maritime industry highly influences our modern economy. We often overlook the importance of shipping containers and the ships that carry them. They sail through the ocean across the globe to deliver goods and materials necessary for various industries.  Almost... Continue Reading →

Shanghai Lockdown to Send Port Congestion Spiraling Downhill

Shanghai lockdown will send severe shockwaves to the global supply chain. The city of nearly 26 million will enter into a phased lockdown for nine days from today. The authority has taken this step to curb the worst Covid resurgence... Continue Reading →

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