1. BOXXPORT News
Entering the world of logistics and shipping, one could be bewildered by different incoterms used by the industry personnel. ‘Intermodal container‘ is one such term that is much in the use in the shipping industry. Different people have a different definition for intermodal containers- some say it’s a synonym used for shipping boxes while some […]
  1. BOXXPORT News
  2. Logistics
The last seven weeks has been a very busy one for most ports in the transpacific and Asia-Europe trade lane. This is as a result of the sudden increase in consumer spending. The drive in consumer demand leading to the shortage of containers, driving carriers to release more vessel capacities and to cancel all blank […]
  1. BOXXPORT News
The invention of the internet has led to the discoveries of various new things that are day by day transforming the entire world. The buzzword IoT (Internet of Things) is one such thing which is taking over old traditional operational activities in freight forwarding and container shipping industry while making each process efficient than earlier. […]


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