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The International Maritime Organization’s secretary-general said the shipping industries must increase their climatic targets during United Nations Climate Change Conference. The IMO targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2050. The reduction in emissions by the shipping industry should reduce to 40% by 2030. The political parties and the shipping and container industry […]
  1. BOXXPORT News
The shipping industry has been facing many challenges for almost 2 years now. The covid-19 pandemic has set new records in every sense. Industries all over the world have still not recovered from the restrictions imposed due to the pandemic. The US Federal Maritime Commission has launched an inquiry about the reports of surcharges. These […]
  1. BOXXPORT News
Sri Lanka Beach Pollution- This year May 20 witnessed a heart-rending situation, when Singapore-based container ship, X-Press Pearl, caught fire. The 610-foot container ship got ablaze thus, disrupting the Sri Lankan marine life. The aftermath of the disaster was so horrific that the marine life, fishing, and tourism industry had been vastly affected. It took […]


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