1. Logistics
Shipping containers came into existence to solve the decades-long issue of transportation of cargo. There were many categories and dimensions of shipping containers that were specifically designed in order to fulfill the requirements of every type of cargo that was transported worldwide. Whether to buy cargo-worthy shipping containers or wind-and-watertight variants, the decision is yours. […]
  1. Logistics
The container shipping industry is very dynamic in nature among all the industries that are present worldwide. This dynamic nature proves to be quite beneficial, but at the same time, it comes with its share of challenges. The transportation of cargo from one location to another is paramount to ensure the right working of the […]
  1. Logistics
What creates container shortage in the Shipping Industry? Container shortage in the shipping industry has a huge impact on import and export costs that affects consumers severely as the prices are skyrocketing. COVID-19 has played a huge role in the shortage as the whole world went into lockdown rendering the shipping industry stop along with […]
  1. Logistics
Introduction The invention of shipping containers brought together a whole new era in which the whole world was connected by one single thread. Containerization changed the way in which cargo could reach its destination as now the goods could be stored into containers and then transported from one location to another. For this entire process […]


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