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Should You Rent or Buy Shipping Containers?

Shipping containers allow for greater efficiency in the supply chain and represent a key element for international trade. Freight forwarding is a challenging industry and there are several factors to take into account. One of the most important is the... Continue Reading →

Container prefixes and their importance in the shipping industry?

The maritime industry highly influences our modern economy. We often overlook the importance of shipping containers and the ships that carry them. They sail through the ocean across the globe to deliver goods and materials necessary for various industries.  Almost... Continue Reading →

Types of containers used in international shipping

International trade has become very easy and convenient with the advent of shipping containers. Introduced by Malom Mclean in 1952, these containers have revolutionized world trade. Currently, they are responsible for almost 90% of intercontinental trade. Today, these containers are... Continue Reading →

Ways to move a shipping container

Whether you are buying a container for personal or business storage or looking to convert it into a building for storage or living, there are many benefits to using a cargo unit. However, one factor that must always be considered... Continue Reading →

What sorts of pallets are utilized in pallet-wide containers?

Did you know that moving items using pallets and containers is incredibly effective and convenient? Pallets can hold a lot of stuff and move it efficiently. They are most likely the most imaginative steel containers accessible since they provide benefits... Continue Reading →

Different container capacities: TEU vs FEU

Container ships transport most seagoing non-bulk commodities. Shipping units now transport almost 90% of the world's non-bulk entities. Container vessels are one of the most used modes of transporting ready items worldwide. Various modes of transportation easily move these containers... Continue Reading →

Why are corrugated steel shipping containers better than plain walls?

The shipping containers are being used to transport goods from one part of the globe to the other. Have you ever wondered what makes containers so solid and reliable that they can safely transport your precious cargo across the ocean?... Continue Reading →

What affects the structural integrity of a shipping container?

The shipping containers are the backbone of the shipping industry, global trade, and supply chain. The shipping containers are large rectangles, which keeps your overall layout square and straight on the outside. The cargo containers are made in high-quality steel... Continue Reading →

Freight Container Inspection List

Why is the freight container inspection list so much essential? It is essential as you would never want your cargo container to get damaged during intermodal container transportation. Preparing a container inspection checklist helps and prevents any damage from happening.... Continue Reading →

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