1. Containers
Hard-top open-top containers are the shipping units that are often confused with open-top containers. Let’s know all about the containers and what makes them different from open-top ones. Since the 1950’s containers have been around us, helping us in more ways than we can imagine. Whether you are watching television by sitting on a sofa […]
  1. Containers
Reefer Containers are the short form for refrigerated containers that are most commonly known as reefers. They are specifically designed to store or transport special types of cargo to cater to the certain needs of the shippers. We will look in detail at what makes reefers different from other shipping containers. Shipping containers have been […]
  1. Containers
Since when Malcom McLean came up with the intermodal system of containers, the containers have been transformed into various shapes and sizes to serve humans more efficiently. Earlier the transportation and storage of goods was an arduous and labored task. But with the arrival of shipping boxes, the facet of transportation of goods has changed. […]


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