Sharing Insights on the Shipping Container Industry.

  1. Logistics
Introduction The invention of shipping containers brought together a whole new era in which the whole world was connected by one single thread. Containerization changed the way in which cargo could reach its destination as now the goods could be stored into containers and then transported from one location to another. For this entire process […]
  1. Logistics
Containerization refers to the process of transporting goods in cargo containers to distant places. It was an important milestone in the transportation industry, as it allowed goods to be transported in shipping containers via different means of transportation like rail, road, and sea. Since then, container shipping companies in the world have become a huge […]
  1. Logistics
Tons of cargo shipment is carried throughout the world in shipping containers. This cargo shipment doesn’t only encompass perishable and non-perishable goods, but also transports and ships dangerous goods with due care and safety. The different types of shipping containers are used for carrying such detrimental cargoes. But still sometimes due to some or other […]
  1. BOXXPORT News
Sri Lanka Beach Pollution- This year May 20 witnessed a heart-rending situation, when Singapore-based container ship, X-Press Pearl, caught fire. The 610-foot container ship got ablaze thus, disrupting the Sri Lankan marine life. The aftermath of the disaster was so horrific that the marine life, fishing, and tourism industry had been vastly affected. It took […]


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