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  1. Containers
Why is the freight container inspection list so much essential? It is essential as you would never want your cargo container to get damaged during intermodal container transportation. Preparing a container inspection checklist helps and prevents any damage from happening. With this checklist, you get to navigate every aspect while going for freight containers for […]
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It feels like the beginning of new dawn since Shanghai, one of the busiest ports in the world, announced the upliftment of lockdown restrictions by 20th May 2022. Earlier Shanghai Government affirmed positive results of adhering to their COVID policies. And government ensured that they would lift the city’s restrictions in batches as the epidemic […]
  1. Containers
Modern freight containers were first designed in 1956 to carry goods throughout the world. With time, human needs grew complex and now there are different container types either available or customized as per buyer’s requirement. Pretty much every element of the metal shipping container can be modified; here is the customizing shipping containers guide. Why […]
  1. Containers
The shipping industry loses billions of dollars each year from cargo theft. Even now with advanced security technology, cargo theft is normal. It does not mean seafarers are taking the security of their goods lightly. There are enhanced comprehensive security measurements now including heavy-duty shipping container doors, theft-proof container locks, alarm systems, surveillance, perimeter fencing, […]
  1. Containers
The traders place a magnified focus on the shipping container manufacturing process as maritime shipping containers play a huge role in world trade. Trading is an integral part of the global economy. Comprehensive logistic measures including resilient shipping containers for maximum safety coverage to treasured goods are highly in demand. The world needs around 177.6 […]


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