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Increased Toppling of Shipping Containers bring Supply Lines at a risk

The pandemic period has affected the entire world in some way, with countries being on lockdown at some point. This resulted in a major crisis for every industry in the world, most of it to the global supply chain. The... Continue Reading →

The Suez Canal Crisis of 2021: A Case Study

The world has not even recovered from the coronavirus pandemic, yet we found ourselves stuck, or rather a gigantic container ship ran aground got stuck in the Suez Canal on 23rd March 2021. The Ever Given, a Japanese operated by... Continue Reading →

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Difference between FCL and LCL shipment

Do you need cargo containers to ship your consignments? Wondering whether to go for FCL or LCL containers? Let us help you understand the types, differences and make you understand which serves your need the best. With the rise of... Continue Reading →

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