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The benefits of shipping containers for car storage

It is no coincidence that the automotive industry has been using sea containers to store and transport vehicles for some time now. This is due to the multiple and important advantages that these types of containers offer for both issues.... Continue Reading →

Shipping Container Weight: Everything you need to know

What might seem like a mere curiosity to those unrelated to the transportation sector is a matter of vital importance for logistics professionals. Knowing the exact weight of shipping containers is a critical necessity to ensure safety and efficiency in... Continue Reading →

What differentiates a leading maritime logistics company from others?

Maritime logistics companies play a crucial role in global trade by driving the exchange of goods across borders, connecting markets, and fostering economic growth. However, not all maritime logistics companies are the same. Some stand out for providing basic services... Continue Reading →

Shipping containers and e-commerce

According to Eurostat data, e-commerce is projected to reach approximately 6 trillion euros worldwide this year and is expected to surpass 7 trillion euros by 2025. Various studies consistently affirm a significant shift in consumer habits, and this trend is... Continue Reading →

Industry security measures to protect containers and prevent smuggling

Security is one of the primary concerns for those who rely on shipping containers and a central topic in all conventions addressing international maritime trade. That's why, at BOXXPORT, we have dedicated a complete article to discuss the importance of... Continue Reading →

Terminal handling charges: Guide to Savings

One of the costs associated with the transportation of goods is the handling expenses at the terminal. While it is true that a significant portion of these costs is fixed, it is also true that not all of them are,... Continue Reading →

What happens when your container suffers a roll over?

One of the biggest nightmares for those shipping goods is container rollover, which means that they are not loaded on the vessel it was meant to sail on to their destination. This error can occur for a number of different... Continue Reading →

What types of shipping insurance exist and what to look out for?

Anyone involved in the freight business knows that at any point on a voyage, unexpected situations can occur and become very challenging. That is why many freight forwarders stress the need for safe packing and loading of goods, knowing that... Continue Reading →

Factors to consider when choosing a port for your shipment

Choosing one port or another for your shipments can have a significant impact on your supply chain. It is therefore essential that you analyze the different options before opting for a port. It requires constant study, as there are numerous... Continue Reading →

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