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Benefits of using containers for pharmaceutical companies

As a direct consequence of its crucial role in global healthcare, the pharmaceutical industry has been experiencing constant growth, which in turn forces it to face unique challenges in terms of logistics and warehousing. In this context, the use of... Continue Reading →

What is the bullwhip effect in supply chain

The world of logistics in general and supply chain management in particular is riddled with challenges and phenomena that can impact the efficiency and profitability of companies. One of these phenomena, known as the “Bullwhip Effect,” has been capturing the... Continue Reading →

Shipping containers and the oil industry

The oil industry is undeniably one of the main drivers of the global economy. Additionally, containers play a crucial role in ensuring its efficient operation. For this reason, at Boxxport, we are dedicating an entire post to exploring the benefits... Continue Reading →

What is NVOCC: meaning and its use in the shipping industry

Nowadays, small and medium-sized companies are turning to maritime transportation to move their goods across the world. All of them are accustomed to working with NVOCC, an intermediary that plays a crucial role in the maritime trade industry. In the... Continue Reading →

How to Calculate Container Loading: 5 Tips

One of the most crucial aspects when planning container shipments is optimizing the load.To achieve this, you need to consider factors such as container size, special characteristics, the type of cargo it can hold, and, of course, the weight of... Continue Reading →

What are shipping alliances and how can they benefit your business

In today's highly competitive world, the concept of “strength in numbers” holds greater relevance than ever before. This notion also applies to the shipping sector, where a mere glimpse at the strategic collaborations occurring in container shipping reaffirms its importance.... Continue Reading →

How to make a return on shipping container investment

More and more investors are going beyond financial products and bricks and mortar. A good example of this is shipping containers. A product that, hand in hand with the growth of international trade, has become a very attractive option for... Continue Reading →

Difference between logistics and freight forwarding

Difference between logistics and freight forwarding

Future of supply chain management

Did you know that the world is moving towards more innovative ways to keep succeeding in their business? Supply chain management is one such industry with a bright future if practical steps are taken at the right time. Taking these... Continue Reading →

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