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Role of Container Freight Stations in Supply Chain

Space constraints are the major problems faced by shipping companies as container depots have limited space at in-house facilities. When companies need to store containers properly, it can be challenging to pass customs and may require additional documentation. Additionally, because... Continue Reading →

Benefits of supply chain sustainability

In recent years the term sustainability has grown in importance to businesses in all sectors. It deals with not only the environmental aspects but also covers the realm of social and economic development. Sustainability has now become an absolute must... Continue Reading →

Prevention of damage to shipping containers

Trillions of dollars in commodities move in and out of our country's borders every day. From chemicals to oils, automobiles to commercial aircraft, cell phones to medications, the items transported within this multibillion-dollar business require meticulous safeguarding.  Despite the logistic... Continue Reading →

Basic Guide to LTL Freight Class

Understanding LTL (Less Than Truckload) freight class is essential for accurately calculating shipping prices and saving time and money for your clients. This classification system is regulated by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) for categorizing goods based on... Continue Reading →

Top 4 Future trends in the shipping industry

Have you ever wondered if the tea you are drinking has traveled a long way to come? Even the chair and table you are sitting over travels thousands of miles to reach you. The shipping industry is a blessing to... Continue Reading →

Supply Chain Digitalization Today

The supply chain is now the leading proponent everywhere and has transitioned from a backend organizational function to a differentiator for the enterprise. Digitalization is employing digital technologies and using machine data to reimagine day-to-day operations, thus, ensuring a resilient... Continue Reading →

A complete guide to the inbound and outbound logistics

Logistics is the key to success for any business aiming to increase its sales and profit. It has now become an essential part of supply chain management and is responsible for planning, implementing, and controlling the flow and storage of... Continue Reading →

Logistics challenges and trends in 2022

As the year passes, we see a drastic change in running a business. To stay alert and on top of the list, logistic challenges and trends are essential to be faced. We have seen the global pandemic flushing out the... Continue Reading →

New alliance for standardized e-bill of lading

The five most influential organizations of world trade came together to formulate the alliance for accelerating digital transformation in the logistics industry. With this, they aim to simplify the global trade functioning, involving e-bill of lading as well. An electronic... Continue Reading →

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