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Difference between logistics and freight forwarding

Difference between logistics and freight forwarding

Container prefixes and their importance in the shipping industry?

The maritime industry highly influences our modern economy. We often overlook the importance of shipping containers and the ships that carry them. They sail through the ocean across the globe to deliver goods and materials necessary for various industries.  Almost... Continue Reading →

Drum Rolls and Good News for Reefer Containers in the Shipping Industry

It feels like the beginning of new dawn since Shanghai, one of the busiest ports in the world, announced the upliftment of lockdown restrictions by 20th May 2022. Earlier Shanghai Government affirmed positive results of adhering to their COVID policies.... Continue Reading →

What is Groupage Shipping?

Groupage Shipping refers to the technique of transporting a large quantity of cargo. It is when one bundles all the cargo to form a combined unit for ease of transportation. It involves the amalgamation of several smaller shipments that are... Continue Reading →

Steps to Purchase Cargo Containers

Cargo containers or freight containers are an essential part of the trade. These heavy-duty steel-made items first came into the picture with the purpose of quick and easy cargo handling back in 1956. With time the shipping industry and cargo... Continue Reading →

What creates container shortage in the Shipping Industry

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