Since when Malcom McLean came up with the intermodal system of containers, the containers have been transformed into various shapes and sizes to serve humans more efficiently. Earlier the transportation and storage of goods was an arduous and labored task. But with the arrival of shipping boxes, the facet of transportation of goods has changed. Now you can send your cargo without worrying about it getting damaged by weather, water, wind, dust, and other such elements.

Double Door Containers are one such addition in the shipping box industry that has changed the way people shipped or stored their goods. By the name, it is clear that it has two doors. The double door quality of its makes the storage and transportation easy as you can store two things by compartmentalizing the box and it also gives the feasibility to load and unload your goods from both sides.

Before we move further, let’s take a look at the list of some commonly used container types:

Dry Van Pallet Wide Side Door
Double Door Open Top Hard Top Open Top
Flat Rack Platform Insulated
Reefer Bulker Tanks

Now, let’s see in detail that why Double Door Container is needed?

Double door containers are improvised containers that provide the freedom of loading and unloading of merchandise from both sides as it is fitted with doors at both ends giving the container a look of having an entrance and exit gate. These containers are also known as Tunnel Container or Tunnel-tainer as they have doors on both sides and allow a middle passageway. You can easily store different goods in them as they allow easy loading and unloading of cargo from different end gates. Two shippers can ship their stocks simultaneously as they can convert them into two compartments and both of them can securely ship their stocks by putting their stocks from their end gates. 

Though it looks the same as a standard dry van container, it comes with the added benefit of doors situated at both ends. This also makes sorting of cargo easier as you can access the cargo from both sides. You can convert them back into your dry van container by securing any of the doors and whenever you want you can use them back as Double Door ones. Like shipping containers with side door has doors on  sides, these have doors on the both ends.

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Design and Structure

It is made in the same standard way as other containers. It is made of 14- gauge corrugated steel panels and fitted with a 1-1/8”  thick marine plywood floor. Whereas standard shipping containers have one door, these are fitted with doors on both ends. 

Where 20ft is a standard size for containers, 45ft high cube container allows the extra carriage of goods. But Double Door containers come in standard sizes of 20ft, 40ft, and 20ft high cube to serve the various cargo needs of the shipper. Where you can store out of the gauge stock in Open top containers, a double door provides you with the facility of compartmentalizing containers so that you can keep two or more different merchandise in it. 

What are the different dimensions of double door containers?

20ft Double Door
Internal Dimension 19’4”x7’8”x7’10”
External Dimension 19’10”x8’x8’6”
Door Opening 7’8”x7’5”
Max Gross Weight 67200 pounds
40ft Double Door
Internal Dimension 39′ 5”x7’8”x7’10”
External Dimension 40’x8x8’6
Door Opening 7’8×7’5
Max Gross Weight 67200 pounds
20ft High Cube Double Door
Internal Dimension 19′ 4”x7’8”x8’10”
External Dimension 19’x8’x9’6”
Door Opening 7’8”x8’6”
Max Gross Weight 67200 pounds

Uses of Double Door Boxes

  • They are best suited to transport various types of cargo ranging from dry, bulk, or any other that you need to ship. The shippers use these especially for shipping bikes, cars, or any other vehicles as it is easy to load and unload the vehicles being fitted with doors on both sides. 
  • You can compartmentalize the boxes and stack different merchandise without getting worried about your items being mixed. And you can put or take out your items from both sides.
  • These containers are used nowadays in many innovative ways. Because of having two doors, they are being used as makeshift tunnels by providing safe passage to the passengers. Many boxes are attached to form a tunnel and being widely used in construction sites as they provide easy installation, and safety feature. 
  • They are also used for home renovation purposes as they can easily be modeled into houses, offices, or personal spaces. These can also be used as emergency hospitals, public toilets, and many other spaces. You just have to apply your imagination, and they will serve their purpose. 
  • They also provide best storage solutions while moving houses as they make the moving process easier as during loading and unloading home belongings, you can do it with both ends. As when you are using one door only, the process is slowed but with two doors at different ends, belongings can be kept and taken out easily. Business owners who have lots of stock of a different kind also prefer to use it as it gives them the option of compartmentalizing.

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Benefits of Double Door Containers

There are various benefits of these boxes as they provide durability, ease of use, and other such attributes.


It provides the better organization of your goods as you can compartmentalize the box according to your need and organize your goods more efficiently. 

Heavy Machinery and Tool Friendly

You can load heavy items with the help of tools and heavy machinery as this container allows your machinery to move around easily by being open from both sides. You can use tractors, pallet jacks, dollies, and other such machineries with ease in these containers.

Easy to Convert

If you want to convert your container or remodel it into a house or office, it will allow easy conversion as it is easy to remove the doors than walls. So when the storage container is fitted with one door then you have three walls to remodel or change but if you have double door container then two sides of the box are sorted as they are doors and easily removable.

Renovation Purposes

These Tunnel-tainers are being widely used as bridges, public walkways, hall passageways. You just have to link these boxes together and you have one durable, strong, and low-maintenance passageway at your disposal. 


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