Shipping container sheds vs. metal sheds- which one to go for? We provide you with shipping containers and metal sheds comparison to help you decide which type of storage to go for.

If you’re looking for a new storage place, you may construct a highly durable metal shed. Although, you might find it easier to buy shipping containers instead and use them. You will see that each choice has a number of advantages as well as disadvantages. Still, if you have any reservations or just can’t make up your mind, the information offered below may be useful.

Read through till the end to understand the pros and cons of metal sheds and shipping containers so that you always choose the best.

What are Metal shipping containers? 

The shipping container’s composition contains primarily metals that make it tensile, resilient, sturdy, and durable. Hence the name. Shipping containers are made of steel, corten steel, and aluminum which gives them the perfect strength to work perfectly for longer years. They are perfect for storing and transporting large amounts of goods from one place to another.



All intermodal containers are built to withstand the harsh conditions of international transport. As a result, they are among the most enduring structures in the world. They may endure for more than 25 years if properly cared for. Because they are prone to rust, you will need to inspect their corners, roof, and metal rods on the door frequently.


The cost of cargo containers will vary depending on whether the item is new or old. In both circumstances, they may be a more cost-effective alternative than other storage options.

You can buy shipping containers for long term use or else you can also lease them to fulfil short-term storage requirements.

Safety and Security

The cargo units use extra-strength steel and heavy-duty metal shipping container doors. These shipping boxes are completely sealed on the outside to protect your contents from water, rats, and theft. When it comes to safeguarding important items, you can never be too safe. A shed is considerably easier for someone to potentially break into.

Management ease

They are easily movable from one place to another. This is one of their most significant advantages. Most metal cargo containers have a light foundation, so if you need transportable storage, this is an excellent alternative.


You don’t need to be concerned with the construction of shipping boxes. This is a task for licensed producers, and all you have to do is inspect the goods before buying them. Of course, you may request changes such as repainting, installing lighting, vents, and other items for your storage area. Request adjustments for your container unit depending on your specific requirements.


Space Constraints

Shipping containers come in certain standard sizes. The most common sizes used for storage are 20 ft cargo containers and 40 ft freight containers. So, if you have a smaller space then they won’t be useful to you. Though they can always go for 8ft shipping containers as well.

Infrastructure Costs

On-site ISO certified used metal containers will almost certainly cost more than a metal shed kit when you buy from a large retailer. A cargo box is more expensive to purchase than a metal shed. However, with good maintenance, your investment might live for up to 25 years.


If your storage container is going to be placed on residential land, you’ll need to check with your municipality about zoning rules and restrictions. Make a list of everything that has to be done ahead of time. The last thing you want is notice and fines from the town requiring you to move the box. You just spent all of this money on purchasing shipping containers and transporting them.

What are metal sheds?

Are you looking for a quality shed that will protect your valuables from the weather for many years without breaking the bank? Maybe you should consider metal sheds. But, what are the pros and cons of a metal shed?  Most people think of sheds as wooden buildings, but metal sheds are a good option, especially for backyard storage, garages and other structures.


Great value for money

A metal shed will almost always be less expensive to purchase outright than a steel cargo container. Even though the lifespan should be at least 10 years, you may still get fantastic bargains on metal sheds.


Just like shipping containers, metal sheds also do not decay and are not damaged by heat direct sunshine, or freezing weather. This permits you to put a metal shed in an open part of your yard. Metal is rarely utilised on its own these days. To help it survive longer, it is coated with vinyl or galvanised.

Small metal sheds are easy to move

If you are thinking about relocating or renting, a simple and small metal shed will suffice. They are inexpensive. Also, they can be readily transported in the bed of a pickup truck.

Assembling ease

Metal sheds are all available in pre-cut and pre-drilled kits, making installation a breeze. Assembling metal sheds doesn’t require a lot of effort. However, the instructions may vary depending on which shed you go for.


Metal shelters, unlike wooden sheds, do not require painting, sanding, or pest treatment. The only concerns with maintenance are usually rust and corrosion, which don’t take much attention.


Difficult modification

Modifying a metal shed is not a do-it-yourself project. It may necessitate the use of powerful instruments like welding machines, sheet folders, and angle grinders. As a result, adding a window to a shed might be too difficult for the ordinary homeowner, and it either falls into the too difficult category or necessitates rebuilding the entire shed.

Rust and corrosion

Although metal sheds are becoming more sturdy and long-lasting, they are still prone to rust and corrosion due to their exposure to natural weather. Rust is unsightly, it eats away at metal like cancer. When buying a tin shed, make sure it is rust-proof and has a rust warranty.


Metal sheds are tidy, but they aren’t the most appealing structures. Metal shed manufacturers are now covering the outside of their sheds with PVC or Vinyl coating to combat this, which does improve the appearance. Look for sheds with an outside finish that will withstand the elements and keep the shed looking great.

What is the Best Solution?

The answer to this question is dependent on several things. Both of the above-mentioned options will suffice if you want a modest storage unit. However, if you wish to expand it, the quickest and easiest approach is to add another metal freight container. Furthermore, when you compare the features we’ve outlined, you may feel that a metal shed gives you fewer benefits. Even though they are reasonably priced, you will be unable to transfer them unless they are designed with a movable foundation. Aside from that, an ISO container is ready to use the minute it is delivered to your location. Choose the one that best serves your needs from the shipping containers and metal sheds comparison above. Because, at the end of the day, whether you decide to go for a cargo shipping container or a metal shed is completely up to you.

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