In this article, we will focus on the sale of containers that can no longer be used for the transportation of goods or are those that still have a few usable years but are no longer needed by their owners.

This is of great interest to those who own containers, as it allows them to maximize the benefits from their containers.

So if you have old containers and want to know how to sell them, don’t miss this handy guide.

What is meant by old containers?

When referring to old containers, it means containers that have been previously used for cargo transportation and have exceeded their useful life, do not meet the necessary requirements for further use, or are being sold by their owner because they no longer need them.

Due to their usage, these containers often exhibit varying degrees of wear and tear, ranging from minor scratches and dents to more severe damage that affects their structural integrity.

Although the average lifespan of a container depends on the number of services provided, usage conditions, and maintenance received, it typically ranges from 10 to 12 years.

Types of old containers

Most platforms for buying and selling old containers offer three types of old containers:

Used shipping containers

These are standard containers used for cargo transportation. They can vary in size and capacity but are generally constructed with sturdy and durable steel.

Used shipping containers provide an economical option for those looking for extra storage space or a less demanding transportation solution.

Used refrigerated containers

These containers are designed for the transportation and storage of refrigerated or frozen products. They are made with insulating materials and equipped with cooling systems to maintain the temperature inside the container.

Used refrigerated containers are an interesting option for those in need of refrigerated storage space or a transportation solution for perishable goods.

Modified containers

These are containers that have been modified to meet specific user needs. Modifications may include the installation of windows, additional doors, thermal insulation, or lighting, among other aspects.

Depending on the extent of the modifications made, the container may be more or less marketable in the market for old containers.

How much does it cost to sell a used or old container?

The ease or difficulty of selling an old container depends on various factors. Let’s take a look at some of the most influential ones:

The condition of the container

If the container is in good condition and has been well-maintained, it is likely to have a higher value and be easier to sell. Conversely, if the container has had a tumultuous lifespan, visible damage, or requires repairs, its value will be lower, and it will be more difficult to sell initially.

The age of the container

Older containers tend to have lower values than newer ones. Generally, newer containers are sold first and at higher prices.

The location of the container

Another aspect that influences the value and ease of selling a container is its location. If the container is located in an area with high demand for containers, it is likely to have a higher value and sell more quickly.

To determine the value of a used container, it is essential to consider not only these factors but also the prices at which similar old containers are being sold in your location.

Since evaluating an old container is not simple, it is recommended to consult a professional appraiser who can assess the actual condition of the container and the market situation to provide a fair selling price.

How to sell a used container with BOXXPORT?

If you are considering selling a used container, you will be pleased to know that BOXXPORT makes it very easy. Here’s how you can put it up for sale:

  1. Visit our website and register: The first step is to visit our website and register as a seller. The registration process is easy and quick.
  1. Upload your products: Once registered, you can start uploading the details of your used container. BOXXPORT offers three different options for uploading your products: manual entry, uploading a CSV file, or connecting through our API.
  1. Sell: Once your used container is listed on our website, interested buyers can contact you through our internal messaging system. From there, you can negotiate the container’s price and terms of sale directly with the buyer.

As you can see, selling containers on BOXXPORT is easy and only takes a few minutes.

Advantages of selling old containers with Boxxport

Selling containers on BOXXPORT not only offers convenience and simplicity, but also provides significant advantages. Here are some of the most important ones:

Complete view of active demands

BOXXPORT provides a comprehensive overview of all active container demands in the market. This allows you to make informed decisions about selling your old containers.

Transparent information

BOXXPORT’s user menu offers detailed information about all transactions, prices, and deadlines.

Automatic alerts for maritime container demands

BOXXPORT provides automatic alert services to notify sellers of a general increase in demand for maritime containers, enabling you to sell your old containers at the best possible price.

Flexible buying and selling

BOXXPORT allows for flexible buying and selling of containers. Through the user menu, you can negotiate prices, deadlines, and other terms with buyers and sellers on the platform.

Fast payment release options

BOXXPORT offers fast payment release options. This means you can receive your payments immediately after completing a transaction.

Total control over your container trading

BOXXPORT gives you full control over your container buying and selling operations. Manage all your sales and purchases from a single platform.

If you have any doubts or questions about selling old containers on BOXXPORT please contact our customer service department, and we will provide you with all the answers you need.