Did you know that moving items using pallets and containers is incredibly effective and convenient? Pallets can hold a lot of stuff and move it efficiently. They are most likely the most imaginative steel containers accessible since they provide benefits in various scenarios. This blog will explore different pallets utilized in pallet-wide containers.

What are pallets?

Pallets are used to stack, store, protect, and transport items as they are handled by materials handling equipment such as forklifts, pallet jacks, or conveyors, stored in racking or bulk storage or loaded onto transport vehicles. The pallet is the most popular foundation for the unit load, which consists of the pallet and the items piled on top of it. It is often fastened by stretch wrap, strapping, shrink wrap, glue, pallet collar, or other ways of stabilization, such as reusable wraps, straps, and nets.

What is a pallet-wide container?

On the exterior, pallet wide containers are slightly bigger than typical dry van containers. Inside, however, they have extra room, allowing euro pallets to be stacked next to one other.

They are ideal for shipping or storing cargo on euro pallets with 1200 mm x 800 mm dimensions. Compared to a standard dry container, you can load between 3 and 6 extra euro pallets depending on the size.

Pallet-wide containers are strong, dependable, water and weather-resistant, safe, and robust. They are built of highly corrugated steel, and the floor is equipped with hardwood boards for longevity and friction coefficient maintenance.

What are the various sizes of Pallet Wide Containers?

For easier shipping and storage, the maritime container is available in 20ft pallet wide, 40ft pallet wide, 40ft high cube pallet wide, and 45ft high cube pallet wide sizes. As a result, the approximate dimensions are presented below.

20ft Pallet wide

  • Internal dimension 19’4 x 7’11 x 7’10
  • External dimension 19’10 x 8’ x 8’6”
  • Door Opening 7’8 x 7’6
  • Max gross weight 67200 pounds

40ft pallet wide

  • Internal dimension 39’5 x 7’11” x 7’10
  • External dimension 40’ x 8’ x 8’6”
  • Door Opening 7’8 x 7’6
  • Max gross weight 67200 pounds

40ft Pallet Wide high cube container

  • Internal dimension 39’5 x 7’11” x 8’10
  • External dimension 40’ x 8’ x 9’6”
  • Door Opening 7’8 x 8’5
  • Max gross weight is 71650 pounds

45ft pallet wide high cube container

  • Internal dimension 44’5 x 7’11” x 8’10
  • External dimension 45’ x 8’ x 9’6”
  • Door Opening 7’8 x 8’5
  • Max gross weight is 74960 pounds

Different pallets utilized in pallet wide containers

Pallets are the most popular Unit Loads in international trading and are levelled-surfaced timber constructions. Forklifts load oversized items onto these pallets for safer and more easy delivery. A few places throughout the world have their pallet sizes. Let’s explore some pallets utilized in pallet-wide containers.

European Pallets

One of the six varieties recognized globally by the International Organization for Standardization is euro pallets (ISO). When properly tracked and regulated, they provide a clean and eco-friendly way to carry your goods.

They are available in the typical Euro pallet size 1200 X 800mm and are the most common pallet utilized in pallet wide containers. These are the permitted transportation dimensions. They are therefore an excellent option for keeping cargoes.

The materials used to make different types of Euro pallets vary. Hardwoods, softwoods, fiberboard, metals, and plastic are all included in this. Since wood is less expensive than plastic, it is a more common material for Euro pallets.

American Pallet

A form of pallet utilized in pallet-wide containers, commonly seen throughout North America. The GMA (Grocery Manufacturers Association) pallet, with deck boards of 40 inches and stringers of 48 inches, is the most often used. It measures 1016 mm by 1219 mm. This corresponds to a pallet 40 inches broad by 48 inches long.

The Grocer’s Manufacturers Association (GMA) pallet size is the industry standard for North American pallets. Shippers bringing goods into the United States must take meticulous measurements. They must also select which is most suited to their cargo.

Additionally, there are several materials utilized in building pallets. A metal pallet, on the other hand, is the most durable sort of pallet. Ecologically conscientious shippers can use paper pallets or eco-pallets. They are recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Australian Pallet

Square softwood or hardwood pallets typical in Australia but not in any other country are known as Australian standard pallets.

The RACE container of Australian railways is intended to be used with the Australian standard pallet. The pallet was originally stated as having dimensions of 46 x 46 inches (from a notional size of 48 x 48 inches, or 4 ft x 4 ft). Still, they have since been converted to metric measurements, which are somewhat smaller at 1168 x 1168 mm.

The most widely used wooden pallets in Australia are softwood or pine pallets.

Benefits of utilizing pallet-wide containers

The pallet-wide containers are more effective than standard containers since they offer up to 15% lower operating and distribution costs.

  • Delivery time has been shortened.
  • Product packaging costs less.
  • Product damage is less likely.

If not hauling pallets, pallet-wide containers intended for Euro pallets are noted for their extra-wide area and may hold many commodities. They facilitate and secure the movement of products by adding an extra degree of security with pallets.

Pallet-wide steel containers serve several functions in the commercial world. They allow you to quickly fork products onto pallets. In distribution facilities, they can load supplies and products with a forklift.

They are great for transferring large items, regular shipments, and any product that requires transporting many steel containers simultaneously. A pallet-wide container may be used in a variety of ways. Also, ensure that your product is carried swiftly and without damage.
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