With repeated usage for the delivery of cargo all over the world including the various means of transportation used, the intermodal shipping containers are subject to succumb to wear and tear. Everyone needs to carry out regular inspections on the shipping units to ensure that they have endurance and can work for years beyond expectations. Shipping container maintenance is thus an important part of the shipping process.

Checking shipping containers every few months for wear and tear to look for repairs that are caused due to extensive usage is critical for every shipping container company. This will also help you to ensure that the boxes that you use for international and domestic shipping meet the safety guidelines while being transported via any channel of transportation.

What can damage a shipping container?

One major reason is the mishandling of shipping containers while they are being handled at busy seaports and while the loading and unloading of cargo.

Choosing the wrong container for your goods is often a factor in the cargo unit being damaged as every specific type of cargo has its own container variant that needs to be used while transporting the shipment.

Another influential factor is the weather. Weather is an unpredictable force of nature and can damage the shipping box both internally and externally.

Bad stowing can be a reason for major damages to the cargo unit. Uneven distribution of the total goods in the unit, overloading the shipping unit, and not tying up the goods properly can cause the box to be damaged.

Container maintenance becomes even more necessary when you are taking the help of used shipping containers to transport cargo all over the world. Let us have a look at some tips to be followed for regular cargo box maintenance.

Essential tips for shipping containers maintenance

1. Buy or lease shipping containers from a reputed source

Ensure that you purchase your cargo unit from a trusted and reputed source, like a world-renowned container supplier company such as BOXXPORT. This way, you can have peace of mind that you are buying something that is durable and will last for a long time.

As a result, the frequency and proper maintenance of your shipping container depends upon the kind of cargo unit possessed by you. You can easily purchase used shipping containers from online container platforms providing shipping containers for sale.

2. Regularly inspect the container roof

The roof is one of the most important parts of your cargo container. You need to look out for dents or any other kinds of damages on the roof thoroughly. New or used shipping containers can be easily dented due to being stacked one on top of each other while being transported. These dents thus retain dust and water that causes them to rust and decay.

Also, make sure that you repaint the dents and make it a point to look out for any paint chippings on the roof of the container which can lead to corrosion.

3. Treat your shipping container for rusted areas

Many people think that shipping containers, since they are made from Cor-ten steel, are rust-proof. However, that is not the case as Cor-ten can only form a protective layer around the surface, but does not guarantee that the container will not get rusted or is corrosion-proof.

You need to conduct proper checkups of your shipping container to look for even the smallest traces of rust accumulation as if not treated immediately, it will only grow. These affected spots should be immediately treated with specialized paint and by sealing, re-painting, and rust-proofing them.

4. Maintain the container doors

A shipping container is a simple steel box that comprises of a door as its only moving part. As they are the only ones, risk damages and wear and tear can be caused due to repeated usage. To ensure a smooth and long-serving purpose, you need to regularly inspect the door hinges and locking bars if they are showing any signs of repairs or corrosion.

While performing this routine maintenance, make sure to clean and lubricate the doors timely. These hinges and locking bars can easily get a layer of dust and dirt build-up, which can reduce their performance. Also, remember to check the rubber seals of the door if they are showcasing any signs of perishing.

5. Place the shipping container on a level surface

One of the most important tasks you can perform to ensure the long life of your shipping container is to install it on a leveled surface. Placing a cargo unit on an uneven surface leads it to twist a bit and damages the movement of the doors. It can also lead to an imbalance in the standing of the container or even cause water collection.

These are some of the most integral tips that you should follow to ensure that your cargo unit leads a full life and is durable as well. Buying new and used shipping containers from reputed sources like BOXXPORT will give you the satisfaction that you have a superior quality of shipping containers