Tank containers are specially designed to transport and store specific types of cargo that cannot be shipped with other standard ISO containers. It is suitable for transporting fluids, gases, and powders. Let’s see in detail how they can easily store such substances.

Shipping containers have been with humans for decades helping us in a way we can never fathom. Everything that we use in our daily life has been transported to us by them. Before the1950s, transportation of goods was not an easy task but with Malcolm McLean’s clever invention the cargo storage and transport problem are sorted for always. They are well used for the shipping of goods ranging from dry, perishable, heavy machinery, fluids, and many other products.

There are many different container types like dry van, open-top, flat rack, and many others that have been listed below.

Dry VanSide DoorFlat RackReefer
Pallet WideOpen TopPlatformBulkers
Double DoorHard Roof Open TopInsulatedTanks

Tank containers are designed in a cylindrical shape so that they can easily accommodate fluid and gaseous hazardous and non-hazardous products. They are made of stainless steel then surrounded with an insulating layer and lastly coated with a protective layer of polyurethane or aluminum from outside. The tanks are contained in a standard 20ft container and are totally secure to transport milk, alcohol, diesel, petrol, Liquefied Petroleum Gases, etc.

They are available in cubic capacity ranges of 10000-26000 liters to deftly carry the heaviest cargos.

Types of Tank Containers

There are many different types of Tank units that are invented to store different types of cargo.

Baffle Tanks: These containers are perfect for products that have high specific gravity. It is filled below 80%, the optimum filling point, and is fitted with warm water, thermos statistically controlled electrical heating and cooling system, steam systems as per the need of the merchandise. The security of the product is secured with the baffles.

Heated Tanks: The heated tanks are fitted with steam, water, and electrical heating systems to keep the goods warm during transportation to cater to specific demands of some goods. The installed heating systems need to be precise as certain specific goods need exact temperature and may spoil if not maintained in that temperature.

Refrigerated or Cool Tank Containers: The shipping units are fitted with coils in which brine or synthetic oil is circulating to provide better cooling options for a certain cargo. They are safe for transporting fruit juices, milk, pharmaceutical products, and many other such fluids.

Lined Tanks: Corrosive and high purity products are transported with such types of boxes. The tank containers are lined and are fitted with added safety features. They are installed with an overfill protection system, and product-level detection devices to safeguard the product and safety of the people involved in loading or unloading it. GPS tracking systems are planted in them to keep track of the shipments. The lining of the tank incorporates Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), phenolic raisin, and rubber and is fitted with certain valve settings. The valve settings make it easy for loading and unloading of the fluid cargo.

Gas Tanks: Pharmaceutical-grade propellants are shipped through stainless steel shipping containers. The tanks lined with zinc are perfect for non-refrigerant gases.

Storehouse Tank: They are suitable for storing and shipping food grains or powders.

Swap Body Tank: The most lightweight merchandise is shipped through the boxes as they are of a bigger cubic limit as compared to other standard containers.

Tank Special Numbering

There are different numberings and codes that are allocated to the tanks so that the goods filled in them can be categorized from afar and gives them a special identification. This is done to ensure that there are no mis-happenings while handling them. A unique UN number is assigned to the tanks when they are filled with hazardous chemicals. The ‘T’ code is for the other standard shipping goods.

Rubber linedUsed for shipping corrosive based synthetic compounds
T1Appropriate for shipping wine and other lighter fluids
T4Suitable for shipping non-perishable eatable
T11Perfect for shipping non-dangerous synthetics
T14Used for shipping dangerous synthetics and acids like HCl, zinc, and other such liquids
T50Available for shipping LPG and alkali gas
T75Perfect for shipping cryogenic fluids

Why Choose Tank Containers?

The tank containers are the most appropriate choice for shipping fluids, gases, and corrosive materials that cannot be shipped in normal shipping boxes. They came as a solution of shipping the most vulnerable products which were extremely difficult to ship earlier. And the tanks make it easier for loading and unloading of fluids and gases as they are fitted with rooftop lids and valves. 

Hazardous liquids or gases can be efficiently transferred through the shipping units through different intermodal transport. It is the most secure, protected, and tech-savvy solution available for shipping such merchandise. 

Loading and Unloading of Goods in Tank Containers

The cargo is loaded and unloaded from the top or base valve by connecting hoses in them. The tank containers are fitted with a vent and a valve both at the top and bottom to give the shipper ease of functioning. Every time the shipping unit is unloaded, a pressure load test is carried out to maintain safety standards. Each tank has to be specified with special numberings and the tank needs to be fully examined and certified due to their special feature of shipping hazardous and non-hazardous cargo. 

Tank containers have come as a boon for shippers and business people who dealt in fluids and gases. They offer the most perfect solution for safely storing and transporting products ranging from food items to harmful chemicals. 

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