AI greatly benefits all industries; achieving adoption leaps from consumer segments to enterprises and onward to the industrial sectors. The BOXXPORT AI uses big data to forecast the demand for containers in real-time, with current prices, up-to-the-minute availability and full process integration. This information shared will support our customers in their decision making process.

Furthermore, uses advanced Machine Learning to gain more specific information; for instance, on fast-changing market trends. This enables us to act instantly, evaluate and categorize and then draw real-time relevance from it. Our customers and we benefit from these clear insights as they help to come up with a fully-informed decision or conclusion.

BOXXPORT AI works in such a coherent manner; fusing and optimizing the logistics network in such a way that it is not possible with human thinking alone. We truly believe AI will open up the industry with unimaginable opportunities and incredible outcomes. 

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