In addition to being manufactured in different sizes and with different features to ensure the perfect storage and transport of all types of products, shipping containers can be customized through the inclusion of a handful of accessories.

And it is enough to incorporate one or more of these accessories to transform a shipping container and expand and improve its functionality.

So whether you are thinking of buying a new shipping container or you wish to upgrade your old container, you will want to read this guide to shipping container accessories to the end.

Make your container safe and functional, inside and outside!

Accessories for shipping containers serve multiple purposes. From securing your space and making it more suitable for long-term storage, to totally transforming the purpose of the container.

Let’s see which accessories can be added according to their functionality.

Accessories for container equipment

Some of the tools and instruments that maximize the potential of the container are:

Lock box

The use of strong steel lock boxes allows to exponentially increase the security level of maritime containers.

This is of vital importance when transporting high-value goods.

These are placed around the container lock, offering an extra level of protection by making unauthorized access more difficult.

Twist locks

Twist locks are used to connect different sea containers to each other. 

These locks, which are placed on the corners of the containers, allow them to be securely joined together.

They serve to secure the containers for transport, optimize the available space on the ship, and prevent them from being moved independently without the owner’s permission.

Container lifting jacks

Lifting jacks allow the container to be lifted off the ground to place blocks or railroad ties underneath.

In addition to facilitating the movement of the container, by keeping it slightly elevated, it protects it from possible damage caused by moisture from the ground.

Bolt cutters

You never know when you may need to access your container in an emergency situation.

That is when you will appreciate having a bolt cutter handy, because it is the only tool that will let you get into your container, even when you don’t have the key.

Container shelving and racking

Container racks are an essential accessory for any shipping container used for storage.

Investing in heavy-duty shelving can help you maximize the space available in your container, allowing you to store more items in a safe and organized way.

The EFINE 2-Pack 5-Shelf Shelving Unit is an excellent choice, as its height can be adjusted based on the items you plan to store, thus providing maximum accessibility.

Shipping container office kit

If you ever find yourself needing to convert a shipping container into a fully functional office space, you will want to rely on a comprehensive kit to get the job done.

Some of the items that may be included in these packs are insulating paint to protect the space from moisture, vinyl windows, an insulated door with a 3-hour fire rating, air conditioning with a security cage, and a complete electric system with sockets.

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Container ramps

Container ramps are a game-changer when it comes to the tricky loading and unloading processes.

The front lip of a shipping container creates a real challenge for pallet jacks, forklifts, or wheelbarrows to get in, so having a good ramp will greatly expedite both tasks.

Container Lighting and Power Outlets

The installation of electrical outlets allows the use of electrical tools inside the container and, of course, lighting the interior of the container.

By doing this, you will enhance the accessibility of your container, making it a breeze to check its contents whenever needed.

Accessories to modify containers

The most popular tools for maximizing the potential of the container are:

Ventilation louvers facilitate air circulation inside the container, so if you store and/or transport goods that require fresh air, you should install one.

These are often combined with security grilles and louvers to increase safety as well. 


The installation of windows is one of the first actions taken by all those who intend to transform their sea container into a living or working space.

These not only allow natural light to enter, but also provide additional ventilation.


The installation of wheels allows the container to be easily moved, which can be especially useful when located on construction sites or in other places where space is limited.

In any case, installing wheels on the sea container will make it much easier to move.

Climate control

Climate control is an essential accessory if you plan to use your sea container as a living or working space.

Air-conditioning systems allow you to enjoy a pleasant temperature inside the piece.

Shipping container door

The door is another of those must-have additions when you are looking to transform a shipping container into a living space.

In addition to facilitating access to the interior, doors provide additional security.

Shipping container roll up door

Roll-up doors are useful when sea containers are used as storage or workshop space.

They can be installed on the top or side of the container for easy access.

Roller door header plate

If you choose to install a roll-up door, you may want to install a header plate, either for easy access to the interior or as an additional layer of security.

How to choose the right accessories for sea containers

As you have witnessed throughout this article, the possibilities for customizing a shipping container are almost endless.

When selecting the appropriate accessories for a shipping container, it is crucial to determine its specific purpose and then assess the various available options.

The best part is that while most of these accessories come in standard sizes, many can be tailored to your needs. So, whatever you are seeking, rest assured, you will find it.