For all your business-related items you want your belongings to reach the desired location safely. Thus, comes the need to secure your shipping container to store and transfer all your items securely. You always want the goods to reach the desired location in the same manner as it was packed. Sadly there is always this risk of theft, vandalism, and break-ins. To overcome all these, we need an excellent-built maritime shipping container.

In this mini-guide, we will be covering all the ways to maximize the security of the cargo containers to avoid cargo damages and to let you have peace of mind during the transit of your costly items.

Shutter Padlocks

Shutter padlocks are one of the different types of container locks that you can use to secure your cargo container. As the name says, they use the shutter mechanism to operate. These locks are made of hardened steel material and are very tensile. They are also very easy to operate. You just need to align the container loop with the padlock and slide it to shut. It’s this simple. But are they very safe? The answer is, No. Why? They are not safe if you are using them without lockboxes. If you use the locks alone they are prone to theft. As the thief can cut the padlock with some of their special equipment. This is where lockboxes come into the picture to further strengthen your padlocks.


Lockboxes, if used alongside shutter padlocks, provide high-level security to the metal shipping container and your merchandise. This is the most popular way you can secure your shipping container. Lockboxes are made of heavy-duty steel that makes it next to impossible for thieves to even think of cutting them. This high-strength box provides an additional layer of security to padlocks and so to your shipping unit. It keeps your padlock out of the sight, thus, helping in keeping the thief away from the box.

The lock mechanism is accessible from under the side of the box. It is very easy to install the lockbox even if you have not done it earlier. This combination of shutter padlock and lockbox helps maximize the safety of your freight container.

Inner Bolts

Bolts from inside help keep the door shut firmly. You can only access the bolts with the provided keys only. This tamper-proof method makes it very hard for thieves to access the door as it’s nearly an impossible task to cut through the bolt. The Uniqueness of this locking mechanism is that it takes place from inside of the locking system. Thus, adding high-end security to your steel shipping container.

Crossbar Locks

These types of locks are designed specifically for container doors. They add an extra layer of security to your maritime container by giving more strength to the doors of the shipping boxes. One needs the keys to open them that make them inaccessible. Unlike the locks that we use in homes, they are in use, especially for shipping containers.

Alarm System

It is the next-level security mechanism to secure your shipping container. Alarm systems have motion sensors installed in them that create a noise of up to 300db. You can hear it very easily if someone tries to steal the cargo unit. This system further sends a text message immediately to the owner if someone tries to steal or damage the box.

The battery-operated alarm system proves to be more effective in securing containers nowadays. Though expensive, they prove to be worthy, if you have valuable merchandise on the move. Thus, you may consider installing this system without giving it a second thought.

Video Surveillance

If the freight containers are on your premises then one of the best advice is to put them under security cameras’ smart surveillance. The high-precision cameras can be a smart choice to secure the units from thieves entering your premises and trying to steal them. The smart cameras instantly send a message to the owner’s phone and beep an alarm to make the owner aware.

Perimeter Fencing

Perimeter fencing is one of the ways in which you can secure your shipping container. You just have to see the local laws as there are some areas where you can’t put the barbed wire for fencing. If your area law allows it, you can easily put a fence of barbed metal wire around the area where you are keeping the cargo container and also around it as well. The fencing keeps the criminal minds away from your beloved container and makes them totally safe.

Shipping Container Insurance

It is totally normal for the freight container and merchandise to get harmed while transferring from one place to another. Other than the above points, you can get good shipping container insurance and safeguard yourself from any charges when accidents occur. You also can take insurance for the cargo inside the shipping box, thus if in the accident, the goods go through damage, you won’t have to worry much as you will get compensation for the goods.

Choose the right container supplier

More than anything, it is mandatory for you to have contact with the right container provider. There are numerous container suppliers who are selling the shipping boxes, but sometimes they are not up-to-the-mark. The boxes might have rust, there may be holes, the exterior and interior might have some damage, etc. With the right container supplying platforms, you never have to worry about such issues as they always provide the right units.

Thus, by following the above steps you can secure your shipping container and keep them in prime condition always. And if you are looking for the right container provider, then, BOXXPORT is one of the open shipping container platforms that provides the best metal shipping container available in all different container dimensions and sizes by helping you match with local and international container sellers and buyers.

So, now you can buy new shipping containers or get used cargo containers for sale, and even sell new containers or used ones just by logging in at one place without any hassle.