Manish Singh, CEO of Ocean Technologies Group in an interview with Splash summed up the developments for 2022. He said that 4 Cs will have a huge impact on maritime tech developments. The first C is COVID that in the past impacted people’s lives. And as well in the near future, will have a great effect on the maritime proceedings. Whether it’s on workers and employees, parts, and machinery, or transportation, and handling. This situation will accelerate the adoption and innovation of remote technological and operational support. Also, 3D printing of various parts will be on the rise.

The next C is carbon as in decarbonization drive. The shipping container companies, shipping lines, and early adopters are choosing green fuels/propulsion/technologies as an environment-friendly alternative. They are shunning all types of practices that are harming the environment under this initiative. Then comes the third C that contributes to connectivity. The costs and bandwidth will become nearer to the terrestrial levels. And we will see more adoptions at the global fleet level. Manish Singh further says that “The most connected fleets will shape the way IoT is embraced at scale within the maritime sector and I think they will see transformational gains.”

The last C in this chain is collaboration. The collaboration among cargo container companies, states, workers, shipping lines, OEMs, yards, and others is going to increase. The reason behind this will be the development and adoption of new technologies. The Signal Group COO, Dimitris Tsapoulis said that there has been a huge rise in technological developments in the shipping and maritime container industry. Shipping container buyers have modulated themselves as per technological change. And the freight container suppliers to complete the requirements are growing in huge numbers.

Max Wong, head of IT at Eastern Pacific Shipping said that by using decarbonization and adopting technologies, the shipping companies can differentiate and develop new values. Rajesh Unni, the founder of Synergy Marine Group said that this year we may see more adoption of artificial intelligence by shipping companies. He further said that the need for digital transformation is growing. The ship owners are feeling the need for it, but the basic issue is to find practical ways. The ways in which they can incorporate the technologies in the business and operating models.

Other than this, there has been news of cargo containers being stuck due to the increase in whole transportation time. As per the new data of Ocean Timeliness Indicator, the time taken by the transpacific eastbound was approximately 45-50 days. The total delivery time has increased to 110 days, setting a record of late delivery. With Ocean Timeliness Indicator, one can measure the whole time involved right from cargo transfer to delivery. This service of measuring time is provided by freight forwarding and customs brokerage Flexport of San Francisco.

As we are stepping into 2022, the news of congestion and bottleneck situations are increasing. The Asia to Europe route is also showing an increased time of 108 days. Earlier it was 55-60 days before the pandemic arrived. A Sea Intelligence analyst said pointing towards the situation, “This extreme increase in transportation time leads to a similarly large increase in the demand for containers – simply because each freight container is tied up much longer than usual.” The same data of Sea Intelligence shows the maritime containers getting caught more by 11% in 2021 to 2% of pre-pandemic. Even early indicators are not showing any chance of improvement.

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