Container locks provide security to the ones that provide security to the goods. Yes, we are talking about our favorite shipping containers. How strong, robust, and heavy-duty containers are, they can’t safeguard themselves from unwanted humans! There have been incidents when they fall to the mishappenings of their cargo getting looted. This is when container locks come into the scenario. By adorning the freight container with a container lock, one can save themselves from huge damages.

Nowadays the shipping unit’s new creative usage is underway. Most of the people who want green home solutions are utilizing used shipping containers for container architecture usage. People are widely using them as home building, office reconstruction, spas, café, hospitals, public toilets, and other building solutions.  

Let’s see the cases in which container locks are needed!

The business person, loaders, shippers all need maritime containers for import or export activities. They need them to transport the merchandise that is sometimes very valuable. And how much sturdier the box is, leave it open, and you will get to know the dire need for container locks.

  • In the case of homes, the miscreants may come with the idea of stealing your furniture or home belongings.
  • Some intruders may have a grudge with you and they come in to vandalize the box and even if you don’t have any important belongings, they may damage the box.
  • If your container house is in an area where rogue people reside, then you may want to tighten your home’s security.

What are different types of container locks?

1. Padlocks

They are one of the classic locks that safeguard the freight units. It is a u-shaped lock that attaches itself to the loop in the lockbox. It is made of high-quality steel and incorporates a tight-secure cylinder. The padlocks provide a tamper-proof system that makes it difficult for robbers to go into the cargo unit. Nowadays digital padlocks are selling like a hot potato in the market but when one compares them with classic locks, they get to know all the differences.

2. Roll door locks

Roll-doors are much in fashion as they make the loading, unloading, or any other functioning of the door opening very easy. But at the same place, they also make the doors vulnerable as ensuring security in roll doors is a bit of a task. You can easily handle this situation by adorning them with specialized roll door locks. Some of them are fitted at the bottom of the door and automatically lock the door when it is rolled down. But if you don’t want anything automatic, then you can move towards traditional locks like hasp-style ones. They utilize padlocks only but provide protection to the lock from tampering.

3. Crossbar locks

Crossbar locks are one of the most perfect for steel shipping containers as they provide maximum security by giving resistance against bolt cutters and lock picks. They are basically extendable tubular steel clamps that you can attach with the doors’ locking rods or handles. The keyed lock mechanism keeps the clamp stays in place. This prevents the door from opening.

4. Hidden Shackle Padlocks

Hidden shackle padlocks make the intermodal container almost impenetrable by miscreants. They have a combination of tamper-proof protection of a single latch lock or deadbolt. The shackle of the lock is within the body that making it impossible to cut in the locks. They are the favorite of every business person who has high-value cargo that they need to safeguard from thieves.

5. Truck seals

Truck seals are the most common ones that are less costly than others. They basically work as plastic ties and the loaders use them in order to make sure the cargo merchandise doesn’t fall off a cargo container during transportation. In some cases, when advanced truck seals are in use, then the bolt is usually of thick metal. It consists of a bolt and a lock and the bolt fits into the lock system to provide enhanced security.

When we are talking about a lock, we must look at what a lockbox is!

A lockbox is a mechanism that is not ideally a lock but gives protection and cover to them. They are the boxes that cover padlocks and hidden shackle locks, making them completely impenetrable and theft-proof.

Now, let’s move to other safety measures that you can take to make your maritime shipping container steal-proof. 

  • Install cameras in the rear and front end of the shipping container. As in if someone tries to enter inside the shipping box, they will not be able to do so. Why? Because when anyone sees the camera, they shy away from entering inside. They forsake from entering in the wake of fear of identification. Moreover, if someone enters despite the camera, then you will have an image of the miscreant.
  • Many are using alarm systems with heat and motion sensors for better security purposes. They do so as the alarm starts ringing or you get a message when someone tries to bypass your beloved new or used container. With advanced heat and motion sensors, you will get to know if any person passes near your container door.
  • Apart from the above security measures, many people hire qualified security personnel by contacting security agencies. The personnel then takes care of the container along with its highly valued product. Many businessmen keep trained dogs who are masters in keeping the thieves at bay.

Thus, we see how the above-mentioned different container locks provide security to the maritime containers. They come in different types to fulfill the security needs of the customers. We have also added some extra security measures that will help you stay worry-free always. Other than this you should purchase shipping containers that are of high quality to avoid any trespassing.

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