Shipping containers came into existence to solve the decades-long issue of transportation of cargo. There were many categories and dimensions of shipping containers that were specifically designed in order to fulfill the requirements of every type of cargo that was transported worldwide. Whether to buy cargo-worthy shipping containers or wind-and-watertight variants, the decision is yours. We are here to make sure that you make an informed choice.

One can use shipping units for transportation as well as storage of cargo internationally. Grading of the cargo units is essential for this purpose. The confusion between wind and watertight containers (WWT) or cargo-worthy containers (CW) is perfectly normal. We are here to help to clear this doubt once and for all with this blog.

Grading a cargo unit is a subjective term. Every shipping container seller or buyer has his way and criteria on which they sort their shipping containers into various grades. The most commonly used grades are WWT and CW grades of cargo units. These shipping containers are to store or transport cargo from one place to another.

Let us now understand individually what exactly are wind and watertight and cargo-worthy containers.

What are Wind and Watertight Shipping Containers?

A WWT shipping container is mostly over 10 years old, some younger, but the most important point to remember is that they do not have CSC certification, hence we cannot term them as cargo-worthy. WWT units, even though used, do not have any holes or leaks. As a result, no wind or water can infiltrate into the unit and damage the cargo placed inside. However, they can have some marks of repairs, patches, or dents. These dents are a result of their prior cargo journeys.

WWT units are extensively used for the storage of cargo as they cannot travel internationally due to the lack of CSC requirements met. They are an affordable option as they cost less as compared to their counterparts and anyone who needs a cargo box for storage purposes can easily buy wind and watertight shipping containers online from various platforms that trade containers online.

A wind and watertight shipping container have the following benefits:

  • They block dust, wind, and water from entering the cargo unit, avoiding any harm to the contents of the unit.
  • Even though shippers use them for transportation purposes, they come with a guarantee to be in good condition and structurally sound.
  • A WWT cargo unit is completely rodent-proof and it will not result in any holes made by mice. This is because the exporter seals them in a strong manner.
  • They have operational doors which is a very important feature of a shipping container. The locks and seals are in working condition, protecting your cargo from rain, storms, thieves, and mice.

What are Cargo-Worthy Shipping Containers?

A cargo-worthy shipping container ranges from being 8-10 years old and going up to 20 years old. It is a newer option as compared to their WWT variants and is mainly useful in the transportation of cargo overseas. They meet the international requirements of the CSC certification which makes them suitable for the transportation of cargo. CSC (Container Safety Convention) is a safety approval plate. It is necessary as it can allow a particular cargo unit to transfer goods all over the world.

Cargo-worthy shipping containers are fully inspected and deemed worthy to take over the task of transporting goods stored in them. A third-party container survey conducts a physical inspection of the used cargo unit.

This category of used shipping containers is one of the most superior qualities in the grading system of second-hand containers. They usually have an uncontaminated interior and are wind and watertight as well. CV units disallow dust, wind, and rodents from entering the box and damaging the contents. They might have a few dents or scratches caused by some wear and tear that happened during their previous journeys.

A cargo-worthy shipping container, while widely preferred as a transportation unit, is also useful for storing products and even re-used for container architecture with used shipping containers like constructing a house, office, shop, etc. that is more convenient as well as less expensive.

Most people tend to find this question confusing about whether to buy new or used shipping containers and we are sure that this blog highlighted certain categories of used cargo units that can be easily used for the storage and transportation of cargo. At BOXXPORT, we sell cargo-worthy shipping containers online, WWT cargo units, and many more different dimensions and features depending upon your shipping requirements.