A shipping container is a box onto which cargo is loaded and transported from one location to another. The shipping container first came into existence a few decades ago. Ever since then, world trade was never the same. The task of loading and unloading goods from one cargo box to another was eliminated, making the whole process very convenient.

The shipping container industry was a boon for the world economy. It grew at an exponential rate and the volume of goods that used to be brought in by firms grew and it became a very difficult task to manage the shipping industry.

As a result of this increasing level of cargo that was needed to be shipped, many types and dimensions of cargo boxes were invented. There were standard shipping containers like dry van, flack rack, platform, tank, and reefer containers that were used to transport various types of cargo more appropriately.

Dimension of Containers

In order to fulfill the need for the large bulk of cargo that was to be transported from one location to another, there came a lot of dimensions of containers that were used to transport various quantities of goods. Here we have compiled a list of the various dimensions in which shipping containers are available.

8 ft shipping containers

This is the smallest category of containers that are available in the market. They offer 10 cubic meters of space and are majorly used to transport personal items like office equipment, home furniture, etc. They are very easy to transport with a forklift and can even be converted into portable storage units as well. They are highly portable and are very easy to manage as they can be loaded into bigger size containers to save space and cost.

Internal dimensions- 7ft x 6ft x 6ft

10 ft shipping containers

10ft variant is a suitable size to be able to adjust into smaller locations and is also hefty enough to meet most storage and shipping requirements. They are an appropriate choice for storage and are also very safe and can be secured with a lock. They are highly mobile, and even though they are used comparatively in a lesser amount as compared to their 20 and 40 feet variants, but they are highly used for personal uses.  

Internal dimensions- 9’3 x 7’8 x 7’10

20 feet shipping containers

This particular dimension is one of the most commonly used metal boxes to store and ship cargo. They are used by a variety of industries like hotels, agriculture, retail, etc. They are a popular choice of containers due to their expandable storage and are durable. These containers are made from robust steel and are abundantly weatherproof and are easy to access as well. They can also be refurbished into numerous modified products like housing, hospitality, and many more.

Internal dimensions- 19’4 x 7’8 x 7’10

20 ft high cube shipping containers

The 20 ft. high cube alternate is favored when one has to store or transport heightened oversized items that don’t fit inside standard containers. They are constructed with anti-corrosive steel that is wind and waterproof and can even withstand hurricanes and earthquakes, making them a very safe and secure choice. They are effectively suitable for transportation and storage and are also used to transport cargo with an increased requirement for height. Read more about high cube containers in detail.

40 ft shipping containers

40 feet containers are the largest size available in standard cargo boxes. They are also extensively used to store and transport goods. As they are double the size of their 20 feet variant, they are good enough to carry far more cargo at once and are a more cost-effective option as well. They are ideally used for large open locations and can be used for various other purposes like restaurants, office spaces, etc.

Internal dimensions- 39’5 x 7’8 x 7’10

40 feet high cube shipping containers

The high cube variant of these 40 ft. container boxes is approximately 1 foot taller than the standard one. They come with extra interior space and are bulkier than the standard boxes. The extra height provides for extra headspace, especially when being used as a living or working space. The extra height is also helpful to store or transport cargo that requires surplus height and also adjusts a higher magnitude of cargo.

Internal dimensions- 39’5 x 7’8 x 8’10

45 ft high cube shipping containers

The 45 ft. high cube container is the largest size that is available in high cube measurements. They offer an extra 5 ft. of height to standard 40 ft. containers and are also 1 foot taller in height. They have double doors that can be locked and are also equipped with marine plywood flooring on their interior. They are the perfect choice for industrial, commercial as well as rural uses.

Internal dimensions- 44’5 x 7’11 x 8’10

53 ft shipping containers

This particular dimension of the shipping container was first used in the USA and Canada for road and rail intermodal transport across the two countries. Although they are very much similar in shape as compared to a 40 ft. cargo box, they are considered as a high-cube container as they are wider and taller. They are mostly used by companies that have huge warehouses or retail stores. They provide an estimate of almost 50% of more internal storage space as compared to standard 40 ft. containers.

Internal dimensions- 52’6 x 8’2 x 8’11

60 ft shipping containers

The first-ever 60 feet container was industrialized by Canadian Tire in association with CP and are the maximum size in which shipping containers are available in today’s date. It allows to transport or store an increased volume of goods and also reduces transportation costs and the environment. This cargo box is known to increase the volume of goods transported by 13% in each box per trip, resulting in more efficient services to clients.

Now that we have given you an ocean full of information on different shipping container dimensions, you should start working on the type of container that you require. One should have a wide array of information about the various sizes before they make a purchasing decision.

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