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Shipping Containers were not a concept that existed till a few decades ago. The idea of loading goods onto trucks, then moving them through trains or ships, and then loading them back onto trucks came about over 60 years ago. It originated from a small-time truck shipper by the name of Malcolm McLean from Maxton, North Carolina. His invention made a huge impact in the logistics industry, while also increasing international trade. It allowed manufacturers to load their cargo once at the departure location and then it was unloaded straight at the destination, thus making the whole process of transporting goods from one location to another most efficient and at the same time, cost-effective as well.

Entering the container world, one would confront a variety of shipping and storage containers that might be quite perplexing. We have written a series of blogs describing different types of shipping containers. This particular one is dedicated to High Cube Containers.

What are high cube containers?

High cube containers are large size sturdy boxes made up of steel used to carry cargoes in bulk from one place to another. They are strong and durable to withstand the worst climatic condition. These are reusable transport and storage units purposely made for products and raw material movement within and across countries.

High cube containers are similar in structure to standard containers but taller in height. They are used to carry lightweight, high-volume cargo. They are used for all types of general cargo (dry cargo). However, they are particularly suitable for transporting light, voluminous cargoes.

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High Cube Containers vs Standard Containers

Although both serve the same purpose of storing and moving shipment from one place to another, there is a slight difference in their dimensions. Unlike general shipping units, they offer a little extra height of 9’6”. Both standard and high-cube containers come in various sizes: 10 foot, 20 foot, 40 foot and 45 foot. The most common sizes available are 20 feet and 40-feet. Since the height is one foot more than the normal container, over height cargo can be loaded in high cube units. High volume cargo also can be moved using high cube containers. Read in detail about high cube containers vs standard containers. 

High Cube is a particular dimension that is available in almost all the different categories of containers that are used for the shipping and storage of cargo.

There are particular shipping boxes that are used for many specific purposes. These are dry van containers that come in 20feet, 40feet, etc., and pallet wide containers that also come in these same dimensions and more. Under these particular sizes, there is another variant of High Cube that comes in these categories as well.

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What are different dimensions of high cube containers?

20ft High Cube Containers

20ft High Cubes are the preferred choice of companies as they have the extra internal height which allows more space for packing. They are also used for modifications while building restaurants and other modified containers. They are perfect for everyday storage for general-purpose goods.

External dimension 20x8x9’6
Internal dimension 19’4×7’7×8’9
Max gross weight 67200 pounds
40ft High Cube Containers

High-cube containers are used for all kinds of general cargo (dry cargo). However, they are particularly suitable for transporting light, voluminous cargoes, and over height cargoes up to a maximum of 2.70 m tall.

External dimension 40x8x8’6
Internal dimension 39’6×7’9×8’10
Max gross weight 67200 pounds
45ft High Cube Containers

The 45ft High Cube container sizes are designed and constructed for intermodal freight transportation of lighter general cargo on sea and on land (road or rail) to utilize the maximum cubic capacity into gross weight- 72800 pounds

External dimension 45x8x9’6
Internal dimension 44’5×7’8×8’10

The extra height makes an HQ ideal for the shipment of light, voluminous, and bulky cargoes. These ocean containers stand stiff to face the tantrums of the sea. Built from steel or aluminum, they pose extreme strength, durability, and are weatherproof. All of this makes them extremely suitable for the safe shipment of cargo from one location to another.

Another difference between high cube and standard boxes is the weight. A 40ft high cube weighs approx. 8775 lbs. while a 40ft standard container weighs 8,000 lbs.

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Common uses of high cube containers

1. Storage of Goods

High cube containers are the perfect type of container to be used for storage of goods as they provide extra cubic feet surface area for keeping your cargo safe.

2. Strong and wind/waterproof

High Cube containers provides great protection to the goods, as they can safeguard the cargo from bad weather, fire, theft and impacts during the loading and unloading of the cargo. These boxes greatly reduce the risks of deterioration, loss, and theft that can be found in ground transport

3. Fast transportation at a low cost

Shipping Containers are a huge bane to the transportation industry, as they can easily transfer the shipment directly from the initial point to the final destination without again and again loading and reloading the goods as they eliminate the need for changing the modes of transport. This cuts costs as well.

4. Extra space

High cube units are quickly becoming a favorite of shipping container architects and conversion specialists because the extra height allows for more space and volume. This added headspace is immensely helpful in the construction of false ceilings for air-conditioning, heating, or ventilation purposes. Also, the extra foot can make all the difference for storing tall items like household furniture, office machinery or craft supplies.

Things to keep in mind while purchasing a high cube container

The high cube variant sports an additional height of 30cms, which offers extra head space with more versatility in uses and will fit larger items.

Some important tips to be kept in mind while purchasing a high cube container are-:

1. Go for Wind and Watertight

Whether you need a shipping container for storing goods or to build a home office, a wind and watertight container is a must. These are built to resist bad weather, while protecting your valuables from the elements. Wind and watertight boxes will provide comfort and reliability, making them suitable for a variety of uses.

2. Select the right size and category

The most cost-effective options are 20feet and 40feet variety in any major category like pallet-wide, dry van, or open top containers. These lengths are the most widely used in the shipping industry, and this makes their price even more affordable than other sizes.

3. Doors and hinges

The most exposed section of a shipping container is the door. A lockbox, which is a metal box fitted onto the door before delivery, will protect the padlock from being tampered with. Make sure that you check that the doors open and close properly. The hinges and seals should be in good condition, and the seals should be free of cracks.

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