Every now and then in the shipping industry, we hear people talking about the side door containers. Side door containers are one of the different container types that are perfect for shipping cargoes that need to be put from the sides as they allow free movement of forklifts. 

Shipping containers are the most underappreciated asset of today’s world. People are heavily benefitted by these sturdy boxes as 90% of the import and export that takes place are done using containers but outside the shipping industry, people hardly know the term – their uses, functions, and their role in pacing the international trade. So, before we head onto a specific type, let us know what is a shipping container?

What is a shipping container?

Shipping container is a large size rectangular box used for the shipment of cargoes from one place to another (it could be interstate as well as international). Made of high-quality corrugated steel, it possesses the strength to carry tons of goods at once. It ranges from large reusable steel boxes used for intermodal transportation to ubiquitous steel boxes. There are around 17 million containers in the world, and a large proportion of international freight is carried inside them. Ever since their advent in 1956, they have gone under several modifications- which led to the discovery of different types of containers.

Listed below are the different types of shipping containers that serve different purposes. Click on any of the container types to gain detailed insight.

Dry VanSide DoorFlat RackReefer
Pallet WideOpen TopPlatformBulkers
Double DoorHard Roof Open TopInsulatedTanks

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In this blog, we will specifically discuss aboutSIDE DOOR CONTAINERS’ in-depth-

What is a side door container?

Side door container is one of the different container types. Like other cargo boxes, it is also made from corrugated steel to provide strength and durability. It is a reusable transport and storage unit for moving cargoes between locations or countries. It comprises of 14-gauge steel panels throughout, 1-1/8” thick marine plywood flooring, and lockable doors. Side door container is almost similar to regular general boxes, sharing the same features, functioning similarly, yet possess one difference. What’s that? Well, you got to keep reading…

How side door container is different from other shipping containers?

By it’s name, one can guess that the side door has something uncommon in contrast to normal standard containers. The major difference is the two additional bi-fold doors on one of their long sides. That side can be opened fully or partially to access the interior. One of its sizes can be entirely opened allowing easy access to large and heavy size cargoes. However, in exceptional cases, three doors open side containers are also manufactured as per the customer’s demand. The door is made from flat steel panels instead of heavier corrugated steel. The different opening possibilities for the front, rear, and side doors make them versatile. The security box over the padlock offers better cargo security. 

Different dimensions of side door containers

 20ft Side Door Container

Internal dimension19’3×7’8×7’9
Tare Weight5950 lbs
Payload Capacity61244 lbs
Cubic Capacity1,165 ft3

40ft Side Door Container

Internal dimension39’5×7’8×7’9
Tare Weight10,362 lbs
Payload Capacity60,180 lbs
Cubic Capacity2306 ft3

40ft High Cube Side Door Container

Internal dimension39’5×7’8×8’9
Tare Weight11470 lbs
Payload Capacity63,052 lbs
Cubic Capacity2,694 ft3

What are the special features of side door containers?

  • The sides door is made of steel or tarpaulin.
  • The quality of steel from which it is made is high in strength, toughness, and durability. 
  • The rubber seals all across the door edges make it wind and watertight allowing no water, moisture, humidity, and vermin to enter inside. 
  • It has standard doors that open fully to 270 degrees.
  • A large door allows for easier loading and unloading of cargoes.
  • The longer side can be partially or fully opened on one or both sides employing a hinged door or hinged sides divided into sections.
  • Curtain side containers operate using a similar principle however the sides use tarpaulin as opposed to steel doors.
  • The amount of space available can be utilized to its maximum.
  • Stuffing and destuffing are easier.

What are the benefits offered by side door containers?

Side door containers offer numerous benefits-

Easy stuffing and de-stuffing

When it comes to cargo loading and unloading, the side door containers are one of the best options. The doors can be opened both fully or partially- depending upon the cargo size. The forklift or truck can drive in and dump the goods inside the boxes without requiring much manual effort. 

Best suited for large-size cargoes

Although side door containers offer the same space as other boxes, the thing that makes them considerable for wide cargoes is their wide door opening. It provides adequate space for extra wide cargoes to be loaded and offloaded without causing any damage to them. 

Better Utilisation of the internal space

Having easier access to the box, cargoes can be stacked and stuffed in a way that could utilize the container space to the maximum. The box can be divided into two to three compartments and also allows for freight consolidation.

For storage purposes

Apart from just being used in shipment, these boxes also perform well when deployed for storage. The easy access of goods simplifies the process of segregating, organizing, sorting, and retrieving any item quickly. 

Building purpose 

As the cargo boxes move towards the construction industry, more quirky ideas are being seen flourishing. In fact, side door containers stand at the forefront when it comes to modification. Their design makes them perfectly suitable to be used for building purposes. Be it a house, swimming pool, shopping malls, bridge, or garden- anything can be made out of it. Installing more aesthetically doors like glass doors or sliding doors becomes possible.

Where to buy side door containers?

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