Why is the freight container inspection list so much essential? It is essential as you would never want your cargo container to get damaged during intermodal container transportation. Preparing a container inspection checklist helps and prevents any damage from happening.

With this checklist, you get to navigate every aspect while going for freight containers for sale. And also adequately check the safety and quality of metal shipping containers. The checklist helps you get ease in buying shipping containers or getting used containers for sale. So, don’t wait anymore; let’s go through with it to reap the most benefits of the cargo containers.

What is the need for inspection of a freight container?

Try not to anticipate that labourers appropriately do the inspection and certification of cargo containers at the delivery yard, so shipping yards depend on subcontractors to do the work.

On the off chance that you’re not utilizing a trusted independent inspector to check the state of your compartments routinely, you’re taking a risk. Thus, you may be taking a risk that defects are going unrecognized. On the other hand, this negligence might overlook essential fixes, which implies that shipping container buyers won’t wish to buy such containers.

So, why are you waiting? Let’s get started with the freight container inspection list.

How do you prepare a container inspection checklist?

There are certain checkpoints described according to the standard freight container inspection list. Firstly, prepare documents which contain container inspection procedure details. This step is crucial to record ISO inspection details: container number, inspector details, time, and date. Also, ensure that it is an empty container.
Secondly, check them one by one and ensure the uniform safety standards of steel shipping containers. At last, if they qualify all the checkpoints, these containers are suitable for buying containers online or selling containers.

Inspection Checklist Guidelines
Outside / Undercarriage (before entering the facility)
  • Inspect thoroughly before entering the facility.
  • Then ensure that the support beams are visible on the outside.
Inside / Outside Doors
  • Firstly, make sure the locking mechanisms attached to the cargo container are secure and reliable.
  • Secondly, look out for the different colour bonding materials, loose bolts, plates and repairs.
  • Thirdly, make sure solid plates do not cover standard container cavities.
  • Also, one must thoroughly inspect the door handles, rods, hasps, rivets, brackets, and all other parts of a container’s locking mechanism to detect tampering and any hardware inconsistencies before the attachment of any sealing device.
  • Lastly, all patches should be sealed with no observable holes.
Right Side
  • Initially inspect structural beams for unusual repairs.
  • Also, we should be able to see the repairs on the inside of the walls outside the dry van containers.
  • Next, use a tool to tap sidewalls. Listen and feel for a hollow sound.
  • Seal all patches completely, with no visible holes.
Left Side
  • Inspect structural beams for unusual repairs.
  • Repairs to walls on the inside must be visible on the outside.
  • Tap sidewalls using a tool. A hollow sound should be heard and felt.
  • Seal all patches completely, with no visible holes.
Front Wall
  • Check to ensure if blocks and vents are visible.
  • Tap the front wall using a tool. Listen and feel for a hollow sound.
  • Check the air connection. This empty container inspection procedure ensures that there are no leaks.
  • Check for electrical connections to look for damage.
  • Seal all patches completely, with no visible holes.
  • Determine if the length is correct using a ranger finder, measuring tape, or even string.
  • The length of the interior of the maritime shipping container must be correct. Ensure that.
Ceiling / Roof
  • Ensure that the ceiling height from the floor is accurate. Look for blocks and vents, and they should be visible.
  • Repairs to the ceiling on the inside of the container should be visible outside.
  • Tap the ceiling using a tool. Listen for a hollow sound and feel.
  • Determine if there is an uneasy feeling inside the storage container. If so, it may be due to the incorrect interior ceiling height.
Floor (On the Inside)
  • Ensure the floor is flat. Otherwise, it will cause a person to step up to get inside.
  • It is imperative to make sure of a uniform height for the shipping container floor.
  • Lookout for unusual damages because they will require quick repairs.
  • Pest contamination could create severe problems in container trading. Therefore, thoroughly check for visible pest contamination on all shipment amenities. Inspect the pallets, crates, shipping boxes, and dunnage and look for their pest treatment records.
  • Pest contamination inspection is of utmost importance before putting old containers for sale. Second-hand shipping containers for sale might not have undergone sufficient processing or treatment to remove or kill pests.
  • A compliance mark is present on the pallets as they are stamped or branded with the IPPC mark, also known as the “wheat stamp”.
Refrigeration Fan Housing (if applicable)
  • Look for intact fan housing. If it is intact, it infers no signs of abuse.
VVTT for Container Seal Inspection
  • View: View seal and container locking mechanisms.
  • Verify: Verify seal number for accuracy.
  • Tug: Tug on the seal to ensure that it is adequately affixed.
  • Twist: Twist and turn the seal to ensure it is not loose and does not unscrew.
Pass/Fail/Final Verdict

The freight container inspection standards are necessary for quickly fixing the significant deformities. More than five minor shortcomings show that the entire compartment needs fix.

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