High cube vs standard Container? Which one is best and more perfect to use for? What is the difference between them? Such questions make many go wooly. As when it comes to a shipping container, it has a world of its own. Every container type is different from others and comes in various sizes and dimensions. Every shipping box is used for a different purpose and thus designed in a different way.

But when the shipping boxes come in so many sizes and types, they make the shippers and mariners feel bewildered as there is a very thin line differentiating between those shipping units. Like we see in the case of flat rack and platform containers, reefers and insulated containers, hardtop open top and open top containers, and some more. But the most common is getting confused in high cube vs standard ones.

We will shed some light on both of them to elaborate on what makes them different from each other. But for that let’s firstly see, “What are high cube containers and standard containers?

High Cube containers

High cube containers are the ones that come with the added benefit of 30 cm height which makes them higher than standard ones. This added height makes them unique and they sort various problems like storage space and electric or other fittings. They are made from corrugated steel or aluminum which makes them sturdier, more durable, and resilient. The cargo that is higher in size can be efficiently stored and shipped in the boxes. They provide perfect shipping and storage solutions for perishable and non-perishable goods. Read the blog ‘Container Types- A guide to High Cube Containers’ to know all the minutest details.

The freight containers come in different sizes of 20ft high cube, 40ft high cube, and 45ft high cube in different variants like hard top open-top, reefers, etc. to make the lives of the shippers easier and solve the issue of heavy and tall cargo. They come in diverse dimensions that are elaborated on below. The container dimensions are:

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20ft HQ
 Length WidthHeight
External 19.87ft7.99ft9.50ft
Door Opening 7.64ft8.45ft

Cubic Capacity: 37.28 m3

40ft HQ
 Length WidthHeight
External 40ft7.99ft9.50ft
Door Opening 7.64ft8.45ft

Cubic Capacity: 76.4 m3

45ft HQ
 Length WidthHeight
External 45ft7.99ft9.50ft
Door Opening 7.67ft8.48ft

Cubic Capacity: 86.0 m3

Standard Containers

They are known as the standard shipping containers as they are the most common type available in the shipping and open marketplaces. They are also made of high-quality steel or aluminum and provide sturdiness, resilience, and durability. They are efficient for shipping and storing dry merchandise but not for shipping and storage of perishable goods as they are not fitted with any type of insulation or other temperature control sensors.

They come in various sizes of 10ft, 20ft, 40ft, and 45ft. But 20ft and 40ft shipping containers are considered standard ones. The dimensions of 20ft and 40ft are:

20ft Standard containers
 Length WidthHeight
External 6096mm2370mm2591mm
Door Opening 2335mm2292mm

Cubic Capacity: 33.9 m3

40ft Standard Containers
 Length WidthHeight
External 12192mm2438mm2591mm
Door Opening 2343mm2280mm

Cubic Capacity: 67.7 m3

What are the benefits of High Cube Containers?

1. Additional Storage Space

As high cubes come with added heights, they provide the extra volume of 30 cm which gives the shippers needed storage solutions for tall, heavier, or huge merchandise that cannot be accommodated in standard freight containers.

2. Space for Fittings

As they are higher in size and volume, so is their ceiling that is beneficial for added fittings. This high ceiling can be fitted with air-conditioning vents, insulation, or plumbing and electrical fittings.

3. Higher Ceilings

This added perk of higher ceilings solves the problem of storing and shipping taller goods, machinery, and such items that cannot be stored in standard shipping units.

What are the benefits of Standard Containers?

1. Remodeling is Easier

Remodeling is easier in standard shipping boxes as they are of standard size and the wooden, glass, steel, and other fixtures used for home refurbishing come in standard sizes that can be easily accommodated in them.

2. Consumes Low Energy

They consume lesser energy than high cube ones as they are smaller in size in comparison to HQs. So when it comes to using power in home furnishings, they will put less burden on your shoulders.

3. Costs Less

The standard ones are lesser in price when compared to high cubes as they are of smaller size and less heavy than them.

4. Easy Transportation

They are easy to transport and ideal for any type of intermodal transportation due to their perfect size. The shipper doesn’t have to live in fear about the shipping unit getting bumped while crossing a bridge or tunnel.

After seeing what they are and what benefits both of them provide let’s see the difference between them.

Difference between high cube and standard containers

  • The most potential difference between high cube and standard containers is the height. The high cubes are 30cm higher than the standard ones.
  • The other difference here is that high cubes are on the heavier side and the standard boxes are lighter in weight.
  • The cost difference is also there as standard shipping units come at a lesser price than high cubes.
  • The storage capacity is more in high cubes in comparison to standard ones.
  • The transportation is easier in standard shipping boxes as while passing any lower place they can cross easily in comparison to the high cubes.

As we see both have their own benefit and challenges. So it’s up to the shipper for what purpose they need the shipping unit for, what is their ideal height, how much storage space they need, and other such details. Before buying new containers or getting used containers, the shippers should go through the needed things they want in their ideal box before investing in it.

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