The shipping industry loses billions of dollars each year from cargo theft. Even now with advanced security technology, cargo theft is normal. It does not mean seafarers are taking the security of their goods lightly. There are enhanced comprehensive security measurements now including heavy-duty shipping container doors, theft-proof container locks, alarm systems, surveillance, perimeter fencing, etc.

Shipping container door: The most important deciding factor in container structure

Let’s review each method of cargo safety to understand the importance of each element involved in cargo safety. Cargo safety measures combine both manual and technological elements in today’s date. The manual safety measures include heavily bolstered cargo container doors and lock systems.

Here it is important to note, shipping boxes came into the picture with the purpose of efficient and swift cargo handling. American entrepreneur Malcolm McLean first designed modern cargo units for efficient and swift cargo handling during intermodal container transportation. But in the twenty-first century, cargo container designs include the added purpose of safety and flexibility. Traders who are looking for smart containers focus the majority of their attention on the shipping unit gate. They decide the safety of cargo inside from both the outer influences of nature and humans, especially thieves.

There are a number of different cargo container doors available in the market including the following-

Double doors

Double door containers are the most common containers. These containers give multiple options including cargo loading flexibility. Sometimes both the front and rear ends of the shipping boxes have double gates. There is an option to compartmentalize the box and place two different types of goods in one box. Manufacturers use heavy-duty theft-proof steel to make double doors to secure them against theft.

Open side container doors

Open side container doors are the most popular choice. The two-leaf gates at the sidewalls can be fully opened, providing easy access for heavy cargo loading.

Personnel Doors

Heavy-duty steel and an insulated core augment the container’s safety and usage. Personnel doors ease frequent and easy access to the interior of the box. The insulated core helps situation-based temperature control inside the box. For example, in summer the temperature inside the box remains cool and in winter it remains warm. The personnel gate resembles the front gate of a house and is made of heavy-duty steel to prevent theft. This kind of entrance can be installed in both 40ft and 20 ft shipping containers or 6096 and 12192mm cargo containers, and as per the owner’s choice anywhere in the container sidewalls.

Roll-up doors

Roll-up shipping container doors are highly in demand for heavy cargo transport and uploading. These gates are lightweight and can be rolled up inside of the box giving easy and frequent access to the interior. You can attach them to the sidewalls of cargo units. Roll-up gates are known as overhead entrances as well.

Sliding glass doors

One can customize the sliding glass doors at the sidewalls of shipping units. Their construction involves transparent glass and vinyl. They are not the favorite choice of traders because of their transparent nature and security issues.

Sliding steel doors

Just like sliding glass doors, there are sliding steel gates in the market. Sliding steel entrances are more viable options for cargo safety.

Cargo Door

Cargo doors are heavy-duty steel core two-leaf gates present at the rear end of a unit. These two-leaf entrances can give tunnel access to the cargo interior.

Combination Door

A combination door allows the feasibility of adding different types of doors in the shipping box. Combination entrances provide added security measures and cargo loading flexibility. There could be multiple access points for swift and efficient cargo loading and unloading. They give lots of people ease of access in modern shipping container home modification.

Custom Doors

Custom doors are essentially customized doors welded at a place preferred by container buyers as per their needs. If none of the market options satisfies them with their flexibility they choose to weld a customized door anywhere in the container exterior.

Nowadays shipping unit doors come in heavy-duty steel, corten steel, and aluminum and also provide theft-proof design. It is tricky to handle but only for the newbies. But after reading this blog if you are curious about ‘What is the correct way to open and close container doors?’ Let me give you a few tips. To open the doors first release both the latches at the door to free the handles. When the latches are perpendicular to the door pull both the handles at the same time. Voila! Here is your answer.

Container Door Elements

The container door is an important element in the whole structure. They not only decide the cargo load and unload flexibility and efficiency but all the important information related to the container is available on it. Yes! The type of door decides how quickly, safely, and efficiently, one can unload cargo.

For example, open-side doors can prove to be a very secure option to load heavy equipment securely because it gives wider access to the unit.

It is true the markings at the box’s door reveal a lot about their identity. Yes! All the information from the manufacturer or owner identity, ISO number, empty container weight to maximum payload capacity. That is not all, the container door also includes safety approval plates like Container Safety Convention plate (CSC) and Approved Continuous Examination Program (ACEP), to mark the safety status of the container. Lastly, there are also height caution stickers on the container doors.

In a nutshell, the container door is the status report documentation to testify the container quality and other necessary details. If you are a trader you must know market options for cargo containers first. BOXXPORT, being a prime shipping container company, provides different types of containers in all available dimensions including 20ft or 40ft shipping containers and all high cube variants. We are a digital container marketplace where you can buy and sell shipping containers easily and affordably.